Super Heroes of today are the gods of the old yesturday.

Marvel Studios & DC Comics re-creates super heroes that everyone wants to be. Who doesn't want super powers the ability to fly, see through walls, or run in a flash etc. 

All of this ties into the saying "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it" by writer and philosopher George Santayana.

Movie making - magic has come a long way from silent films to today making the impossible possible through the usage of CGI (computer generated imagery)

Block buster movies that breaks the box office on opening night grossing hundreds of millions, see image below.

This gives reason for the movie studios to keep creating super heroe movies because it's a money maker and the audience goes crazy.

BUT the main question i.e the elephant in the room, where did these characters comes from originate? Are the Hollywood writters and producers that creative & original to have come up with super heroe mania on their own? Simple answer is NO!

As the scripture clearly reads...


So what the above message says, where did these super heroes come from? What gods are you innocently worshipping without you knowing? What gods are you giving your money to? What gods do you like 1st over Christ Jesus?

NOTE: The creator of all even the super heroe gods were all created by the one & only true God King of Kings Christ Jesus.

The enemy is deceiving the masses in creating gods of power to take attention away from the one & only God. This is a game that is played on the people globally, a game that is deep & spiritual.

As you will learn in the following videos below researchers from around the globe have broken down the true & real nature & the hidden agenda behind these gods i.e super heroes.