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We fear what we do not understand,

know thy enemy & expose of them to the world!

You are not from this fallen world! Unplug & Walk Away! 

Mankind is in great danger by Global Governance! 

Problem; CV-19 made it's appearance in American in early January 2020 per the CDC "Center for Disease Control & Prevention" and then spread globally. aka "Plan-demic

Reaction; local & foreign governments from around the world started implementing CV testing sites, restricting travel and locking down countries for temporally. This would only take a few weeks to months to contain the virus. All awhile destroyed economies globally! 

Solution; global governance working together to "track, trace & to control" their population, in the efforts to contain & stop the spread of the virus. Freedoms striped!

Our Freedoms; as of January 2021 there have been 372k deaths attributed to virus in the United States. CV-19 will bankrupt more people than it kills and that's the REAL Global Emergency. "CV economic danger is exponentially greater than it's health risks to the public". "Trillions of dollars wiped from financial markets". "Small businesses in particular are struggling as supply chains dry up". "Governments continue to see the CV-19 as a health crisis, not an economic one". "This seems to be a coordinated effort to economically hurt many Western countries". "This is about much more than CV-19, oil prices, or even the global economy. This is about the balance of power between East and West". 

What's Really going on?? This is not to say that the virus is not real, because there are deaths and people are getting sick. The problem is that global governments are inflating the numbers & they are using this virus as a smoke screen to usher in "The Great Reset" an agenda that has been in the making for many many decades, aka "The New World Order". The Great Reset in short will take away humanities Freedoms worldwide; Individual Liberties? GONE, Prosperity? GONE, Privacy? GONE, Property Rights? GONE, Middle Class? GONE, Freedom to Travel? GONE, Economic Freedom? GONE, Small Businesses? GONE, & the list goes on & on. How come The People didn't vote on these changes? Great question;  reason being is that there are internationalist leaders from around the world who are controlling our local governments using the United Nations "Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030" which is designed to enslave humanity and to globalize all governments into ONE global dictator, ONE global currency, ONE global religion, & ONE global system. 

These are the faces that have sold out humanity worldwide & who are enforcing the global lock down, the tyrants that they are. 

Their next meeting  G20 Italy 2021

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Why won't mankind be going back to normal as in 2019!  reason is because global governance took it upon themselves to change the global system which is know by; The 4th Industrial Revolution basically they are resetting our current system as we know it i.e.(shopping, travel, restaurants, movies, theatre's, sports events, recreational activities, gym, owning a car, etc). They are closing down an open society and bringing in the technological age, where your whole life will be in doors buying, selling, working on line. The END of humanities Freedoms, if we don't stop them. Solution; is that we REVOLT, go against the lock downs & open up businesses, continue life as normal. Humanity has the billions on our side & they the enemy are the 1% they are weak with out us. But many people are unawares of what's going on in the world & look to corrupt governments for solutions & guidance. 

 Who's in charge of The 4th Industrial Revolution? his name is Klaus Schwab he is the talk head who's representing the 4th industrial revolution. He states it's a merger of "the physical with the digital and the biological". This video  comes from The World Economic Forum You Tube channel, keep in mind they are selling this new reset to humanity as a great idea providing all the positive benefits, moving to technologies that will change lives for the better! The real question is better for who them? When you start to research humanity will be "Tracked, Traced & Controlled" using artificial technologies. All data will be live i.e. (your location, your health, heart rate, physical activity watching TV, cooking, doctors can approve drugs instantly delivered (like a fax) to your blood stream etc) aka The Internet of Things.  

What is the 1st, 2ND and the 3rd Revolutions 

Technology is neither good or evil, it all depends on who's hands it falls into & in this case corrupt (they lie,cheat & steal from the people) global governments, corporations and international banking institutions all have a financial gain, which will result in enslaving humanity; track, trace & to control YOU! 


It really is a battle between Light & Dark, Good & Evil, 

What side are you on?, Are you the solution or the problem! 

How to Join the Movement?

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Here's why you should join? But first you must understand that the enemy is playing games with our minds, it's literally an information war. The enemy is against TRUTH & JUSTICE, & will stop at nothing to suppress or anyone who gets in there way. Humanity from around the world is alerting the sleeping GIANT (YOU) to all of the corruption that global government has done for they kill, steal & destroy. It's time that humanity take back their power and start motivating, educating & activating like minded individuals. For with one person is weak, but with many we are stronger and can effect - create change. 

Motivating; Humanity world wide has been taking a beating from global governance in the year 2020. We don't need our fellow brothers and sisters tearing each other down. It's all about motivating uplifting and providing solutions. Everyone has talents and gifts to share with the world, now it the time, so use them. 

Educating; Global governance is doing a job on spreading fear and misinform so to not to bring attention to their destruction of the planet, animals and humanity. It's time that humanity use technology against the enemy to communicate with each other, state our dangers and how we can help others in crisis or those who are lost. 

Activating; Many people unknowingly are siding with the enemy unawares, not understanding they are being deceived & tricked by the enemy. It's time the silent majority wake up and to those that just need a place to connect with like minded individuals, this is the place. Fear No More is all about helping others, so you are strong enough to give back to others as well. There are many warriors out there fighting the good fight, it's time we all unit, connecting to bring a strong force to awaken the sleeping GIANT!  

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world,

the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15